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How much in advance do I need to order cookies?
The sooner the better! If my calendar fills up and it frequently does, I may not be able to schedule your order. I require at least two weeks but if you can order them sooner, then please, do so. That will help to assure you a spot on the calendar when you need it.
Do you have a minimum order amount and can you do large orders too?
One dozen is my minimum order size. I can do as many as you want given the appropriate amount of time.

How do I pay you?
PayPal, Square or Venmo for credit cards, and cash.

What kinds of classes do you offer?
I have decorating classes for both kids (9 and older) and adults. I will bake the cookies sets and make the icing colors and we will decorate cookies. You will take a box of 6-8 of your cookies home with you. Classes are $40.00 per person for a two-hour decorating class.
I also offer a 4-hour baking/decorating class for adults only. We will start at the beginning, make dough, roll & cut out cookies, bake & decorate. You will take home one dozen box of your cookies. Classes are $75.00 per person.

What happens during your private & theme cookie parties? How many people can attend?
Well, we laugh… a lot! We have a decorating party and I supply everything needed to turn out beautiful cookies that you will take home with you. I also provide drinks & snacks while you are here. I have a couple of options and can accommodate up to 10 people at one time. The Tucker Inn is famous for our Texas size Hospitality!! Come check us out for yourself!